Mai Cocopelli "Today´s your day" CD

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BRANDNEW: Mai Cocopelli's first english CD is ready for you! Including award-winning music!


Finally, it's time to listen to Mai Cocopelli's music all over the world;- for the first time ever - in ENGLISH!

So much time has gone into translating and developing our most favourite songs and make them come as alive in English as they are in their original German versions. Now we are more than happy to present to you our very first international CD called "Today's your day".

Our award-winning music is suitable for children of all ages and their parents. (Winner ISC Nashville 2009 and Semi Finalist 2016). Wherever you may be on our beautiful planet, you will love dancing and singing with Mai Cocopelli.;
Just listen to the audio tracks and let Mai's energy and enthusiasm bring fun and excitement into your family circle. This album includes playback-versions of all the songs, so you can sing on your own and be a star in your living room!
...Never heard Mai Cocopelli's music before? Try it and you will love it!

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